Hiroshima Dog Glamping Nukui Dam ResortHiroshima Dog Glamping Nukui Dam Resort

Glamping stay with lots of nature that deepens the bond with your dogs

It is an outdoor resort in Akiota Town, surrounded by a lot of nature and located by the largest dam in western Japan, the Nukui Dam.
As a dog glamping site where you can stay with your dogs, we offer a comfortable dome-shaped tent for accommodation.
“Hiroshima Dog Glamping Nukui Dam Resort” opened in October,2021 in Akiota, Yamagata District, Hiroshima Prefecture,
as an accommodation facility where you can relax and experience an extraordinary and elegant life with the beautiful seasonal landscapes in harmony with nature.


6 attractions

Dog Glamping

Dog Glamping
with your dogs

At “Hiroshima Dog Glamping Nukui Dam Resort,” you can enjoy staying with your dogs in all areas. You can spend a relaxing time in nature and fully enjoy outdoor activities that can deepen the bond with your dogs. In the center of our facility, there is a dog run space.

Large dome-shaped tent

that allows you to enjoy even in bad weather
Large dome-shaped tent

We’ve adopted large hemispherical glamping dome-shaped tents. They have good insulation and are equipped with an air conditioner and heater, so you can have a comfortable time here in all seasons, enjoying seasonal scenery.

Glamping BBQ

with carefully selected local ingredients in the Hiroshima Area
Glamping BBQ

We offer lots of carefully selected BBQ ingredients unique to glamping. We have promoted local food production and consumption and used Akiota’s local specialties, so you can enjoy a glamping BBQ that is different from your everyday meals! Each room is individually equipped with a dining space that allows you to enjoy meals without worrying about other guests.

Various activity contents

Various activity contents

Guests staying at our facility can enjoy a variety of activities. You can make and bake hot pizza from scratch, ride a segway and go-kart, and interact with goats.
There are also a variety of other workshops where you can create memorable items for your dog, such as a leather craft workshop where you can make a name tag for your dog, or an original T-shirt for your dog.
We offer free drinks and a local fresh vegetable market as well!


Various amenities for women and outdoor beginners /
Akiota Onsen

We provide a variety of amenities so that even children who experience outdoor activities for the first time and women can enjoy a stay at our facility without any problems. In addition to basic items such as towels and toothbrushes, we offer amenities that women are happy about, such as toner and milky lotion.
Additionally, we provide a free ticket for Akiota Onsen in the neighborhood for guests who would like to use it. Please enjoy the warm and relaxing onsen.


Everything is included in the accommodation fee!

Guests for accommodation can enjoy BAR TIME for free as well as dinner.
You can drink draft beer, wine, whisky, sake and a variety of liqueur as much as you want! For those who do not drink alcohol and children, we also have a self-service drink area where they can enjoy soft drinks. Everything is included in the accommodation fee, so please make the most of it and enjoy wonderful experiences here!
*The types of alcohol vary depending on the type of room.


In all rooms, you can spend time with your dogs!
Additionally, there is a lot of nature around our facility, so please have a comfortable stay here and enjoy outdoor activities that can deepen the bond with your dogs.

  • Premium Dome

    Premium Dome
    【Dam View】

    2~8 people
    Number of beds
    4 beds
  • Dam View Dome

    Dam View Dome

    2~5 people
    Number of beds
    2 beds
  • Lake View Dome

    Lake View Dome

    2~5 people
    Number of beds
    2 beds
  • Cabin Cottage

    Cabin Cottage

    2~3 people
    Number of beds
    3 beds
  • Premium Cottage

    【NEW】Premium Cottage

    2~6 people
    Number of beds
    4 Single beds

for Beginners
Wide range of equipment

    • Private sauna

    • Only the Lake View room is equipped with a tent sauna.

      *The tent sauna is not available during winters (January ~ February) due to snowfalls.

    • Authentic BBQ gas grill

    • Each room is equipped with a BBQ grill that you can freely use from check-in to check-out. Guests staying at our facility can use it whenever they want to.

    • Individual shower・Bathroom (toilet)

    • Individual showers and bathrooms (toilets) are installed.

    • All rooms are fully equipped with an air conditioner and heater!

    • You can comfortably stay at our facility throughout the year.

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We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our facilities.You can also find more information about our facilities and equipment on here.


The check-in location

11654-2, Kake, Akiota, Yamagata District, Hiroshima, 731-3501, Japan

*Please Check in here.

  • By car

    Approximately 10 mins from Kake Smart IC

  • By train

    Approximately 10 mins from “Kake-chuo” to “Nukui Springs” on the Kake Togouchi Line by Souki Bus

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